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What you can't send

You can’t send  armchairs, sofas, washing machines, dryers,  refrigerators, ovens, televisions and other large appliances.

You can’t send goods flammable, liquor, perfume and wine in excess of 14% vol.

It is not allowed  to ship  explosives, polluting goods  and cans under pressure.

It is not allowed to ship every kind of goods unpacked,

It is not allowed to ship pallets cm. 80x120 with UPS service , must be selected for Pallets “ Pallet/parcels voluminous”

The packaging of shipments should be  in the following ways:

  • corrugated cardboard often hard
  • reinforced polystyrene often at least 5 cm between all the walls of the package and the content and between the contents ;
  • in case of unsuitable packaging , damage can not be refunded in any way and for any reason.

For shipments outside the European community ( subject to customs control ) call to check for any limitiazioni customs inherent in the destination Country.

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