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About us

Global Service is a Company  administrated by professional consultants  with more then twenty years of experience and, because of this, can guarantee an excellent service with affordable rates, offering every kind of solution and needs  for all the people wants to do National and International  shipment with cost- effective  door  to door delivery and any cutoms operations including, ALL thanks to collaboration with a consolidate Network of primary importance phisically present in all italian provinces and around the world.

We offer services  shipping  express international and door to door, land, air, air cargo transport and dedicated to all those  who send and receive shipments, allowing even those who today makes shipments in Carriage free with amount charged  on invoice  and/or carriage you can use excellent services at low costs.

As our Company poliicy is based on a simple phrase: THE FIRST SOURCE OF INCOME IS ELIMINATE  WASTE AND UNECESSARY COSTS

Our customer service, administrative and commerciale, is followed by managers who are always available to answer at any type of requirement.
We offer the possibility to checkthe shipment  whenever and everywhere, from pick up to terminal by our  WEBSITE and all our services including: shipment with  pick up and delivery door to door, custom clearance included,  countersign service in Europe, CEE, Switzerland, Norway and Italy, pick up in all over the  Country, we do every day fixed shipment at your favourite hour,  we do three attempts of delivery in three consecutive days, for every kind of issue you can call to our office and we  can help you  with no deliveries , wrong addresses, and if we fail to deliver, the shipment comes back to sender  for free, except if the shipping is rejected from the the recipient.

Last, but not  least, in only one phrase:  Global Service is a COMPANY EXPRESS  WITH NATIONAL  AND INTERNATIONAL  SHIPPING, high value added, doing everything possible to meet  the customers’ needs  and acquire confidence.

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Global Service

15121 Alessandria // Tel 0131.224579 - Fax 0131.221386

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